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Rescue Story:







About Bella:













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Medical Notes:




Other Conditions:









Approx. 6 years old


Pit Mix


45 lbs.


Bella was rescued from an owner that kept her tied up on a rope at the back end of their property for about 4 years. She did not have much human interaction other than being fed, bathed and sometimes pet & walked behind the house. She also had (and may have lost) several littles prior to rescue. She was not aggressive towards anyone though.


Bella is a very sweet but shy older girl who gets along with the dogs, both large & small, her foster home has. She is low energy, loves to snuggle on the couch or bed and loves her tummy rubbed. Bella is quick to please and can follow a few commands and walks well on leash. She is not much of a barker indoors, although she will bark at strangers (human and canine) that walk close to her house and yard. Bella does not like large crowds, busy public settings, or car rides. She gets nervous and will try to hide or sit at bottom of car. She would do well in a home with small number of pets (dogs only).  At home, if there are any loud noises, or if she gets nervous, she will go lay in her kennel.




Yes and does very well in a kennel. 


Is fostered in a home with other dogs (large & small) and does very well with all.


She does not like cats and has killed small and large cats, rodents and possums.


She does well with school age children but has not been around toddlers.


Heartworm Negative

UTD on shots

Current on flea/tick and heartworm prevention


Congenital Heart Disease (caused by years of heartworms)

Vetmedin – Enacard – Lasix 

Bella will need to taken this medication indefinitely and should not overexert herself due to her medical condition. She cannot do too much running or jumping around for long periods of time. Playing and rolling around with family would be okay, just nothing too strenuous.


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