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About Mission PAWsible

Mission PAWsible Animal Assistance of Corpus Christi is a local animal rescue group that is committed and actively rescues homeless animals and places them in foster homes for socialization.


Most of the dogs we take in are malnourished, ill, injured or been abused, so you can imagine that our veterinarian expenses are quite high. We believe that an animal that has the courage to survive the abuse and neglect it deserves to be medically treated and live its remaining years in a loving home.


The rescued animals are then taken to on-site adoption events after they have been vaccinated, spayed or neutered. Our group solely depends on volunteers, donations and is scheduling fundraising events through the year to raise the funds needed for vet care.  


Thank you.


George Garcia, Board of Director

Shanna Ralston, Board of Director 

Iris Martinez, Board of Director 




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